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Most kids in new anti-gay "parenting" study didn't even live with gay parents long-term

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As you may know, there's a new "study" claiming to show that gays make bad parents.

It's interesting therefore that most of the kids in the study who lived with gay parents didn't spend any significant period of time actually living with those parents. Jim Burroway makes a huge find:
But in this study, only 57% said they had lived with their mother and her partner for at least four months before the age of 18, and only 23% reported living with their father and his partner for the same length of time. Only 23% of LM [lesbian mom] children and 2% of GF  [gay father] children reported living with their parents and their parents’ same-sex partners for three years or more. And when looking at the outcomes of those children, we are being led to believe that those outcomes are in some way related to the short amounts of time that those children spent with their gay or lesbian parents while in a same-sex relationship, and not the fifteen-plus years the vast majority of them spent outside of that dynamic. The illogic behind this comparison is mind-boggling.
So to recap. The study purports to show how bad it is for kids to live with gay parents. But only 23% of the gay-parented kids in the study lived with a gay mom for three or more of their 18 years. And only 2% of the gay-parented kids lived with a gay dad for the same period of time.

So most of the kids in the study didn't really "live" with gay parents at all.  How is it then that the researcher found the same "damage" among kids who spent years with gay parents and those who spent only a few months or less - unless of course the damage was caused by something else all together (oh, I don't know, how about divorce itself?)

Jim notes a second, and important, point.  If the kids lived most of the time with heterosexual parents, and only a small fraction of the time with gay parents, then isn't it more likely that whatever "damage" they suffered happened from 17 years of living with a straight parent than 3 months of living with a gay one?

Jim does a deep, stellar analysis of the entire survey.  Do check it out.

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