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PPP: Majority in Washington state support marriage equality

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From Public Policy Polling:
For the first time in its Washington polling PPP now finds a majority of the state's voters in support of gay marriage. 51% think it should be legal to 42% who believe it should be illegal. When PPP first polled on the issue last May Washington voters supported it 46/44. By February it had inched up to 49/44 before hitting its current 51/42 mark. It looks like the state's new law legalizing same sex marriages will probably be upheld this fall.

Republicans have barely moved over the last year but Democrats and independents have both increased their support for gay marriage. Democrats have gone from 76/17 to 82/13 support over that period of time. Independents have gone from being almost evenly divided at 41/42 to favoring it 53/39.

We see the standard large generational gap on this issue in Washington. Seniors are opposed to gay marriage 56/35, but people under 65 support it by a wide 55/39 margin. When you broaden the discussion to civil unions 77% of Washington voters support some form of legal recognition for same sex couples to only 21% completely opposed. Even 56% of Republicans favor some kind of recognition.
Maybe. We seem to better in the polls than we fare on election day, far too often.

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