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What anti-gay chaplains?

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Josh Seefried of OutServe writes about how the religious right is smearing military chaplains in their zeal to be anti-gay.
The military chaplain corps is one of the most respectable and professional careers in the military. They embrace not only their religion but their creed to respect, love, and serve every single sailor, soldier, and Marine in the military.

Right now there is a war being waged on the chaplaincy, and it is not coming from the gays in the military. It's coming from outside groups proclaiming that military chaplains are anti-gay. There are even gay chaplains who are scared of losing their jobs because of the misconception that gay people cannot be chaplains.
In the story, Josh gives a number of beautiful examples of military chaplains being supportive of gay troops. Do read them. Here's one:
I recently mentioned to my chaplain that I was going to get married to Chris a few months down the road. Now, in all honesty, I said it to see if my chaplain would react differently to that bit of news. "Was that the one you introduced me to at the Christmas party?" she asked... I nodded yes and waited for the reaction. "Praise be to God! I am so happy for you. You two will make such a great couple!" Honestly, I wasn't expecting that, it was quite a welcome declaration. She then went on about how people should be with whoever they are happiest with and that is good in God's eyes. She even offered any help with the matter! (Navy Petty Officer, Hawaii)

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