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Boy Scouts decide to stand by their bigotry

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It took the Boy Scouts a two year review to determine that yes, they still hate gays.

And check out this bizarre statement from Boy Scouts chief executive Bob Mazzuca:
"The vast majority of the parents of youth we serve value their right to address issues of same-sex orientation within their family, with spiritual advisers and at the appropriate time and in the right setting," Mazzuca said. "We fully understand that no single policy will accommodate the many diverse views among our membership or society."

Who was asking you to address issues of same-sex orientation at pack meetings?  You were being asked not to discriminate against gay scouts and gay scout leaders.  That is hardly the same thing as making all the scouts read "Heather Has Two Mommies" at the beginning of every pack meeting.

So, if families want to address the contentious issue of racism within their family will the Boy Scouts start banning black kids?

Mazzuca's bizarre statement only goes to show how horrifically bigoted of an organization the Boy Scouts really are.

And keep in mind that the Scouts have been taken over by the Mormons in the past decade or so, which only further inflames their homophobia and their bigotry.

I'm surprised at how many parents don't realize that the Boy Scouts are simply a do-good front for far right religious doctrine.

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