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Sarah Palin believes in family values. Just not when it comes to her family.

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Former VP candidate Sarah Palin and husband Todd visited a Chick-fil-A yesterday to show their support, weeks after the food chain's president Dan Cathy revealed the company's anti-gay views.

"Stopped by Chick-fil-A in The Woodlands to support a great business," Palin tweeted.

Nothing says "family values" like stopping for a bite to eat in the name of bigotry.

Palin is no stranger to anti-gay views, defining "traditional marriage" as only between one man and one woman, going so far as to support a federal marriage amendment during the 2008 presidential election.

And really, when it comes to the sanctity of traditional marriage, who better to be the face of it than Sarah Palin and her family?

Actually, thinking about it, she may not want to mention her daughter Bristol, who has a child out-of-wedlock and refuses to marry the father. Sure, the Bible condemns heterosexual fornication, but the focus is on hating the gays right now, thank you very much.

Speaking of the grandkid, Sarah may also not want to take him out on her mavericky, "Save Traditional Marriage" campaign, especially after that video of the toddler seemingly calling his auntie Willow a "f-ggot" on their reality show came out.

His mom insists the three-year-old was saying "f-ck it," which I guess makes it totally okay.

Oh. Yes. Then there's aforementioned auntie Willow, who also hurled "f-ggot," only this time at a classmate over Facebook.

I wonder where Tripp picked up this choice word from?

I'm also forgetting Tripp's dad Levi, who is such a proponent of traditional marriage that he tried two failed engagements with Bristol, and ended up impregnating another girl, also out-of-wedlock.

So it seems Sarah's sanctimonious battle will be a bit lonely, seeing as to how the family values she's preaching about don't exactly resonate in her family. But it's really no shock. After all, what else would you expect from someone who quit her job and spends her time criticizing others for how they do theirs?

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