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How would Sup Ct justice John Roberts rule on gay marriage?

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Richard Socarides in the New Yorker:
Some theorize that Roberts tried to depoliticize the Court with his health-care ruling in order to gain some credibility before even more conservative decisions to come, like overturning affirmative action. Anything is possible, but that is not likely to be the outcome in these gay-rights cases, where Justice Kennedy will probably not be with conservatives. The question is whether a decade or more from now Chief Justice Roberts really wants to be leading a Court that embodies the last vestiges of anti-gay discrimination in the country, even as fewer and fewer Americans oppose equality. A ruling in favor of gay equality is possible, perhaps even likely, with or without the swing vote of Justice Kennedy. After the health-care decision, Ted Olson’s belief that he can get John Roberts’s vote for same-sex marriage is no joke.

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