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Outgoing Jamaican police chief blames "flamboyant gays" for inviting anti-gay hate crimes

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What a serious messed up country.  I can't believe people still go for vacation there.  From GayStarNews:

Green, who has just left the island after eight years as second in command in Jamaica’s police force, said: ‘I am not into gay-bashing, but the problem is cross-dressing and going downtown. Do they do that to create a media blitz? That just seems too contrived.

‘It’s just the hype from some who claim Jamaica is very anti-homosexual, but the reality is far from that. There are many homosexuals who live and work freely in Jamaica.’
Yeah, I'm sure some of his best victims are gay.

I've never been to Jamaica, and lord knows I'll never step foot in that country.  It's not just virulently homophobic, it seems downright unsafe, and uncivilized.

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