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Romney: "I don't care" about kids of gay parents

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Romney in 2004 in a conversation with the lesbian plaintiff of a landmark marriage case in Massachusetts:
"I believe he [Romney] will be responsible for a major backlash," said Julie Goodridge, a star plaintiff in the lawsuit that led to legal same-sex marriage in Massachusetts in 2004....

Goodridge recalls a meeting with Romney, who was then the governor of Massachusetts

"I looked him in the eye as we were leaving the meeting," Goodridge says in the video, "and I said in exasperation, 'Governor Romney, tell me, what would you suggest I say to my 8-year-old daughter about why her mommy and her ma can't get married? Because you, the governor of her state, is going to block our marriage.'

And he looked at me ... and he said, kind of looked over my shoulder with this blank stare and said, 'I don't really care what you tell your adopted daughter. Why don't you just tell her what you've been telling her for the last eight years?'"

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