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Washington Post's bigoted column about Sally Ride

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Some southern "cultural journalist", Suzi Parker, is vewy vewy upset that Sally Ride is now a gay icon.
In death, Ride has already become politicized. Progressive and gay blogs are lamenting the fact that O’Shaughnessy will not receive Ride’s federal benefits because of the Marriage Act (DOMA) and blaming Republicans.

Ride obviously didn’t want to be a gay icon. If she had, she could have easily sat down with Oprah or Ellen and told the world about her sexuality, her private life and her love for O’Shaughnessy, whom she had known since she was 12.

Instead, Ride lived in a world where we should all live, a place where we celebrate someone for her accomplishments and not her sexual orientation.
Yeah, Suzi, and we should all live in a world where people don't kill us, bully us, and deny us jobs and housing and the right to marry, all based on our sexual orientation.

But we don't.

(Are you a bigot, or just woefully ignorant?)

Please stop writing about topics about which you clearly know very little. The closet, and people like you who reinforce it, make gay kids question their self-worth.  It's why many contemplate suicide.

Surviving in a world where people would rather you be invisible is an accomplishment.

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