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Important primary victories from the Victory Fund

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Primary elections aren't always exciting, but thanks to your support tonight's results in Wisconsin and Florida are pretty fantastic. They put us a step closer to a historic year for LGBT Americans.

Mark Pocan won a remarkable victory in his Democratic primary in Wisconsin, meaning it's all but certain he will become the next openly gay member of Congress -- and just the 8th openly LGBT American ever to serve on Capitol Hill. We're extremely proud of Mark. He'll be an outstanding representative for Wisconsin, and a courageous and unyielding voice for LGBT Americans everywhere -- just like his predecessor in this House seat, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin.

In Florida, Dave Richardson won a decisive primary to become the first openly LGBT candidate elected to the state legislature. This is major victory for LGBT Floridians who have waited far too long to have a voice in decisions that affect them and their families. Richardson could be joined in the Florida House by Joe Saunders, an openly gay Democrat who also won his primary tonight and who will now go on to the general election this fall.

We're watching a number of other races right now, including a Republican primary in Wisconsin that will determine who Tammy Baldwin will be up against in her groundbreaking campaign for the U.S. Senate. We'll update you about that race very soon.

These exciting advances are only possible when we work together. I'm grateful for your continued support as we fight to ensure LGBT voices are heard in government across America.

Onward to Victory,
Chuck Wolfe
President and CEO

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