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Ryan now refusing to say if he still supports ENDA

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I wrote yesterday that someone should ask Paul Ryan if he still supports ENDA. He voted for ENDA in 2007, right before voting to kill it. I thought that since the gay Republicans keep crowing about Ryan being such a great VP pick, someone ought to ask Ryan if he still supports ENDA. Lila Shapiro at HuffPost did, and here's what happened:
Ryan's congressional office directed questions about ENDA to Romney's campaign, and Romney's campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment.
What's particularly interesting about that is that Ryan now seems equally afraid of angering the gays as he does the religious right. It's a sign of the religious right's waning influencing that a conservative GOP VP candidate is afraid to say that might not support a gay rights bill.

Interestingly, Romney has also flip-flopped on ENDA (now that he wants to be the nominee of a party run by the far right, Romney is suddenly anti-ENDA - like Ryan, Romney was for ENDA before).

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