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"The far right is responsible for fostering an environment of hate, intolerance and violence"

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A friend writes about the shooting yesterday at the headquarters of the influential religious-right anti-gay activist organization, the Family Research Council, which was designated an official hate group last year by the Southern Poverty Law Center:
Romney says, "There is no place for such violence in our society." Of course there's room. There's more than sufficient room for violence because Romney, FRC, the GOP generally, Log Cabin republicans particularly, and all their right-wing lobbyists at the NRA have engaged in systematic behavior designed specifically to create a culture of violence.

Seriously, how can you terrorize gay people for generations, insist on free-flowing guns to every human alive, and act surprised when one of the victims of your unrelenting gay-bashing finally cracks under the pressure? No place for violence? Romney and the FRC cleared the path.

This is not intended to be a statement in support of violence, but, like John above, an observation as to how surprising it is to me that this does not happen more frequently because history has demonstrated that violence begets violence.

I am not shocked when these kinds of things happen because I recognize that very loud, influential forces at work in this society routinely foster an environment where these kinds of events are very, very likely to happen. The disingenuous outrage of the far right (and it is the far right that is largely responsible for fostering the aforementioned environment of hate and intolerance and violence) is amazing.

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