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Video: Dan Savage vs. the head of NOM

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Dan Savage recently invited Brian Brown, the head of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), to dinner at his house for a conversation about Christianity and gays, moderated by the NYT religion reporter.

The dinner took place on August 15, last week, and it was just released. It's an hour long, but worth a watch. The first 15 minutes are Dan talking about why in fact we know the Bible has made mistakes before, such as advocating for slavery. Dan argues that if the Bible could get something as basic as slavery "wrong," then it's a certainty that it got something as complicated as human sexuality wrong.

Dan also hits Brown for the religious right's ongoing "bearing of false witness," particularly as it concerns linking gays to pedophilia, and how it impacts young gay kids who were thrown out of their homes because their parents worried they might molest their younger siblings.

Dan also points out - thank God, because I rarely see gay advocates mention this - that the religious right said we were a threat to the family because we wanted rampant sex without commitment, but now that gays want to marry and codify their love for each other, the religious right says our commitment is what endangers the family.

Can't have it both ways, haters.

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