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Was the KKK's only mistake not opening an office on K Street?

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MetroWeekly editor Sean Bugg has a great article up about Washington Post writer Dana Milbank's opposition over the Family Research Council being labeled a "hate group":
So, into this wades Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, who set off a firestorm with a column denouncing LGBT groups for calling FRC a ''hate group.'' It's not hard to compress Milbank's argument, because it's not much of one: Because FRC is a ''mainstream conservative think tank'' it can't be a hate group because it's not the Ku Klux Klan. Apparently, only people who wear a white hood and brandish a swastika can be labeled ''hateful.''

Unless, perhaps, the KKK opens an office on K Street, in which case we would need to begin carefully considering their policy proposals.
My earlier response to Milbank here.

And here's Mike Signorile reporting on his interview with Dana Milbank on Tuesday.

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