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Catholic cardinal now calling gay marriages "friendships"

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Yes, and they know a few things about special friendships, those cardinals.

Think about this.  At a mass to celebrate the marriages of 400 (presumably hetero) couples, the Catholic cardinal of Chicago decided to take a swipe at gay couples and marriages.

If I were one of those 400 couples celebrating my anniversary, I'm not so sure I'd have been happy with the Cardinal using a celebration of my marriage as an opportunity to advance his angry political agenda.

I wasn't brought up Catholic.  But I was brought up Greek Orthodox, and the religions aren't that different (and once were the same).  And while I admittedly am not much of a church-goer anymore, unlike what we always hear from the Catholics, Greek church services were never hate-filled at all (at least not in America).  They were about loving your neighbor.  They were never about abortion, or gays, or anything else controversial or political.  They were simply about being a good human being in the way we used to think of good human beings.  Not people who vote Republican or hate women or bash gays, but people who lived by the golden rule - and that was about it.

It's really quite a depressing view you get of Catholicism from the outside.  So angry all the time.  Who wants to wake up early for that?

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