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French president tells world to decriminalize homosexuality

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French President Hollande also adds, in the video below, that he wants to see the world outlaw the death penalty, support equality for women, and "the decriminalization of homosexuality, which cannot be seen as a crime - on the contrary, it's the recognition of one's orientation."

Via Towleroad:

Said Hollande: "France will continue to engage in all these struggles: for the abolition of the death penalty, for women's rights to equality and dignity, for the universal decriminalization of homosexuality, which should not be recognised as a crime but, on the contrary, recognized as a [sexual] orientation.

He added:"'All members countries have the obligation to guarantee the security of their citizens, and if one nation adheres to this obligation, it is then imperative that we, the United Nations, facilitate the necessary means to make that guarantee. These are the issues that France will lead and defend in the United Nations. I say this with seriousness. When there is paralysis... and inaction, then injustice and intolerance can find their place."

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