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Marriage compared to pedophiles playing in parks

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(Nearly) speechless.

So often the core of arguments against our rights are rooted in the belief that all gay people are pedophiles.

Today, it's usually done with enough subtlety that people don't have to confront the ugliness of the defamation (since more and more people know openly gay people and know this isn't true).

That's not the case in this video from one of the former leaders of the Moral Majority, and prominent televangelist.  Right Wing Watch reports that this video was posted on Bishop Harry Jackson's YouTube page in advance of an upcoming "Defense of Marriage Summit."  Jackson is one of the leaders in the failed fight to prevent marriage in DC, and is active in Maryland.

The good news is that I think the more often this argument is laid bare, the more of an advantage we gain by people who are mortified when confronted with the bigotry we face.

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