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Restaurant cancels gay wedding party because gay and feng shui don't go together

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And he's in Greenwich village! NY Daily News:
The couple contends that later that same day, a senior manager of Amber Village — a man identified only as Mr. Fong — summoned Ho.

“Fong was visibly angry and told Ho that he didn’t want any ‘gay parties’ at Amber Village,” the suit charges.

“Fong instructed Ho to ‘make an excuse’ and tell Greene that his rehearsal dinner could not take place at Amber Village and that his wedding could not be catered by them either.

“Fong also told Ho that it's ‘very bad’ for Amber Village to book ‘gay parties’ and that big groups of ‘gay partyers’ are especially bad for feng shui.”
Wait for the religious to say, "see we told you so."

And yes, we are intolerant of your intolerance.

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