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Gays to serve openly by end of summer... or not

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UPDATE: Just talked to a source, who always has a good read on these things, and who was much less happy with what they heard today. At the Pentagon briefing itself there was no talk of a timeline for implementation, and the Pentagon refused to commit to getting it done this year. According to my source, "they've pretty much screwed us on this."

DOD held a briefing this afternoon on DADT repeal progress. The plan seems to be to allow gays to serve openly by the end of the summer:

According to a U.S. military source, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen and President Obama are expected to certify in March or April that the repeal of "Don't ask Don't tell" will not hurt military readiness -- that will then set in motion an automatic 60-day waiting period before the repeal is implemented. The official said gays will be allowed to serve openly probably by the end of the summer.
And according to the article, they're still playing games with DOMA, claiming it may block them from letting partners stay on base, etc. I can't believe they can't find a way around this.

Here's the complete transcript of today's DOD briefing about DADT.

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