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In this battle of Concord, Fred Karger exposes NOM's real goal: demonizing gay people

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The founder of Rights Equal Rights, Fred Karger, has launched a tv ad in New Hampshire taking on the National Organization for Marriage. The ad will run for a week across the Granite State. Rights Equal Rights used to be known as Californians Against Hate. Fred warns the people of New Hampshire that NOM will lie to them and is really in the state to "demonize gay people." Exactly.

This is a great ad: Tough. Truthful. Unapologetic.

Says Fred via press release:

“Brian Brown, NOM’s President, threatened in a video on November 3rd -- the day after the election last fall -- that NOM was going to repeal gay marriage in New Hampshire just like it has done in California and Maine. WATCH IT Brown also said that NOM was going to qualify a Constitutional Amendment in New Hampshire to end marriage equality by writing a ban into the state Constitution.”

“NOM is relentless and stops at nothing to hurt and demean people,” added Karger. “I want to let the citizens of New Hampshire know exactly what they are up against. This is the group that spent $1.5 MILLION to try and defeat Governor Lynch in the November election with their nasty commercials. NOM spent millions more in direct mail, robo calls, radio and TV commercials to overthrow the statehouse. NOM recently hit a roadblock, however, when Republican House Majority leader D. J. Bettencourt said that the Marriage issue would have to wait until 2012. NOM’s response: a direct mail piece viciously attacking him to all the voters in his district.”

“NOM plays hardball and will not stop. I know better than anyone, I have been tracking the National Organization for Marriage since they began in California in 2008 to qualify and pass Proposition 8.”
As I wrote yesterday, GOP efforts to repeal marriage laws -- and strip rights from citizens -- in New Hampshire, Iowa and DC guarantee that marriage equality will be a major issue in the 2012 presidential elections. Fred is also exploring a run for President as a Republican.

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