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More on US Marshals intimidating GetEqual White House protesters

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From Michael Bedwell, via Facebook:

As one of those arrested, everyone should also know that a December 8th order by US Magistrate Judge John M. Facciola sent to us postponing our originally scheduled December 15th court appearance specifically states:

"notice of any... future court hearings [will be delivered] via U.S. mail at their respective addresses."

Yet US Marshals began showing up on people's doorsteps, sometimes in pairs, with "summons to appear in US criminal court," a couple of weeks ago. Even if this is not an attempt to intimidate protest, and regardless of how low or high the person in the Administration who ordered their action, it serves no FUNCTIONAL purpose. Marshals make thousands of dollars a year. A certified letter costs $2.80.

As taxpayers and citizens, do the math—both literal and political.

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