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TAKE ACTION: Tell Sec. Gates to stop harassing Dan Choi and all of our gay vets

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As we wrote yesterday, Lt. Dan Choi and other gay vets are being harassed by Pentagon bill collectors who are demanding they repay thousands of dollars, and in some cases nearly $100,000, in costs associated with their training, education and bonuses. According to the Pentagon, all that money was "wasted" on gay service members who were subsequently kicked out, so DOD wants the DADT victims to pay the money back.


Dan got a demand from a credit service for $2,500. Another gay vet is being harassed about repaying $78,000. It's simply amazing that kicking these patriotic Americans out of the military wasn't enough. Now the administration wants to make them pay even more.

It's not Dan Choi's fault, or the fault of an gay servicemember, that the Pentagon arbitrarily, and discriminatorily, decided to end their careers. It's absurd and offensive for the military - and more generally, the Obama administration - to continue harassing our troops.

Please sign this public letter to Defense Secretary Gates that Joe and I just posted. We know the White House reads our blog, and we know they don't like the bad publicity they get when these kind of snafus are aired publicly. Please help us spread the word, and put pressure on the administration, by signing our public letter demanding that Secretary Gates call off the bill collectors now.

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