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In NYC, remembering David Kato and 'the murderous complicity of American and Ugandan evangelicals'

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On the same day DC activists were protesting The Family's prayer breakfast, New Yorkers were holding a memorial for David Kato. There's a link, of course. The Family has helped spread homophobia in Uganda. There are lots of photos from the rally over at Joe.My.God, who attended the event:

Speakers included the head of the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission, gay Ugandan nationals, gay clergy, and two NYC council members, all of whom vowed to get the truth about Kato's murder from the Ugandan government, which receives $500 million in U.S. aid annually. Money being paid, it was pointed out, to enable the brutalization and murders of LGBT people.

Not forgotten at the event was the murderous complicity of American and Ugandan evangelicals in this brutal crime and speakers repeatedly spat out the names of Scott Lively, Rick Warren, and Martin Ssempa, all of whom were promised that their names and reputations will forever be linked to this outrage.

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