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Join our live chat with Justin Elzie, author and DADT activist, tomorrow at 2 PM ET

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Join us tomorrow at 2 PM for a live chat with Justin Elzie, an amazing activist, an American hero, a very good friend of AMERICAblog - and an author. He's written a book, Playing By The Rules. Justin is going to be in DC for a book signing, so John and I are going to take that opportunity to have a chat with him.

Justin has quite a story to tell in "Playing By The Rules." He was the first Marine discharged under DADT back in 1993 -- and fought his way back in, serving openly as a Marine for four years. He never stopped fighting for repeal. In November, he was one of the thirteen activists who got arrested at the White House.

(photo courtesy of GetEQUAL)

We'll talk about his book, the battle to repeal DADT, the potential roadblocks ahead for implementation and all the other DADT-related controversies (like the government sending bill collectors after discharged vets.) For example, Justin was recently visited by U.S. Marshals, to remind him about a court date for that November White House protest. But, like the other arrested protesters, he was told by a judge that future correspondence would be handled via certified mail.

Join the live chat with Justin to discuss the book and his long career of activism.

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