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Dear Mr. Holder, are incest and pedophilia now back on the agenda?

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After all, in his first defense of DOMA, Obama Attorney General Eric Holder invoked incest and pedophilia to explain why states should be able to bar gay marriage.  Holder, admittedly, stopped invoking those disgusting acts following an uproar from the gay community.  In other words, he changed his legal strategy on DOMA as a result of gay pressure.  That's little different than what Holder criticized King & Spalding for yesterday - namely, scaling back (entirely) their defense of DOMA.  Not to mention, Holder himself did the same thing King & Spalding did - he stopped defending DOMA because of public pressure from the gays.  Holder apparently now thinks that was wrong, and akin to racism (see the previous post - his remarks were abominable).

So does the Obama administration now think that incest and pedophilia are legitimate arguments to invoke against gay people?  They did once, and the only reason they stopped was outside pressure.  So are incest and pedophilia back on the table in the Obama White House?  And if not, when will this White House publicly rebuke their Attorney General who took a major slap at a major Democratic constituency and our lead advocacy group?

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