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WH press sec. thinks gays are too mean, too: "We do share Eric Holder’s views on this"

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Last night, Attorney General Eric Holder defended Paul Clement and took a swipe at those of us who opposed the defense of DOMA. From John:

But let's talk about Holder's offensive comparison of the American civil rights community to the anti-Muslim bigots and religious right filth who would let those detained at Gitmo rot on the vine because they're dark-skinned. It seems our top law enforcement officer isn't familiar with Constitution. Criminal defendants have a constitutional right to counsel. Causes do not. That's the difference between the Gitmo defendants and DOMA. It's offensive and embarrassing that Holder isn't aware of the difference.
John wrote that the White House should tell its AG to STFU. That's not what happened. Instead, today, the White House felt compelled to strongly support Holder's remarks, via Chris Johnson who asked the question:
President Obama shares the view expressed earlier this week by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder that attacks on the private attorney who volunteered to litigate on behalf of the Defense of Marriage Act are "misplaced," according to the White House.

Under questioning from the Washington Blade, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said during an off-camera press gaggle Wednesday that statements from Holder, who earlier this week rebuffed those who would vilify former U.S. solicitor general Paul Clement for taking up defense of DOMA, reflected Obama's position.

"We do share Eric Holder’s views on this," Carney said. "We think — as we said from the beginning when we talked about — when I did from this podium — about the decision no longer from the administration to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, that we would support efforts by Congress if they so chose to defend it. And so I have nothing to add to the attorney general’s comments."
Yes, defending DOMA is so honorable. Obama did it for two years. And, these are all honorable men. The rest of us just don't get that.

And, I can't wait to hear Holder and Obama sing the praises of the lawyers, like Mary Bonauto and Roberta Kaplan, who are challenging DOMA and trying to obtain equality for same-sex couples. They represent real people who are being discriminated against by their government. They are actually doing the honorable thing by standing up for people who need representation. They're not defending a discriminatory law that's already been found unconstitutional. They are real heroes. But, in the warped world of DC, Paul Clement, who is making half a million dollars for defending prejudice, is the victim. And, now the White House also thinks we're too mean because we're fighting against those who would thwart our equality. Thanks, President Obama. You and your team really need to evolve ASAP.

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