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Dan Savage’s husband in Canada/boyfriend in America returns to high school

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Neat story:

Terry—my husband in Canada/boyfriend in America—grew up in Spokane, Washington, where he was brutally bullied at Shadle Park High School. Like so many bullied gay kids, Terry said nothing to his parents about what he was going through. He wasn't ready to come out to his family—he feared their reaction—and there was no way to talk about what was being done to him at school without drawing attention to his sexuality. It wasn't until Terry was chased down and brutally assaulted on his way to a music lesson—an assault that left his face bruised and bloodied—that Terry broke down and told a trusted adult what was going on. Terry's music teacher promptly called his mother and father. Terry's mother and father immediately called the school. And at a meeting with his school counselor Terry and his parents were told that there was nothing the school could do to stop the bullying—they certainly weren't going to punish the bullies—so long as Terry insisted on "walking like that, talking like that, and acting like that."

A few weeks after we launched the "It Gets Better" Project, Terry looked up his old high school on Facebook. He was shocked—he was floored—to learn that the same high school where he had been so brutally bullied, the same school whose administration had failed him so spectacularly, now had a gay/straight alliance. He sent a note to SPH's GSA via Facebook, and the GSA invited Terry to come back to Shadle and see for himself that things had gotten better.

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