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Hate group leader praises anti-gay law in Tennessee, confirms it is an anti-gay law

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Joe.My.God posted the statement from the leader of the hate group, Family Research Council on Tennessee. The corporations who serve on the Board of the Tennessee Chamaber of Commerce have a new best friend: Tony Perkins. He's quite pleased that all those corporations did his dirty work. We all knew HB 600 was really an anti-gay bill. Hate group leader Tony Perkins confirmed it:

Yesterday, Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill into law that will keep private companies from being held hostage by homosexual activists.

"Starting this month, cities and counties can no longer adopt anti-discrimination policies that are stricter than state law. It all started with a Nashville city ordinance that required private government contractors to give special preference to gays in lesbians in hiring and firing decisions. By signing SB 632 into law, Gov. Haslam erased the Nashville measure and freed up companies to run their businesses the way they see fit. Thanks to local pastors and former state Sen. David Fowler at the Family Action Council of Tennessee, employers will be the ones dictating office policy--not the liberal government."
So, the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce made itself the lobbying arm of a hate group. Nice work. Check out the way the companies that make up the Board of the Tennessee Chamber responded to this issue here. Then, check out some of the hate spewed by Perkins and his group here. In light of the clucking from Perkins, HRC needs to retract its odd praise of the Tennessee Chamber. They sided with the haters on this one -- and knew it.

Also, Perkins, one of the nation's leading homophobes called all of us "Intolerant." Yeah, I suppose I am intolerant of the hate and homophobia that festers because of people like Perkins.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Yeah, being called "intolerant" by a man whose organization is listed alongside the KKK and white supremacists.  Hate is this guy's beard.

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