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John Aravosis talked media and politics on CNN's Reliable Source

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Yesterday, John Aravosis appeared on CNN's Reliable Sources along with Christina Bellantoni from CQ Roll Call and the National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru.

They were talking about the 2012 GOP candidates. John pointed to Romney's flip-flopping as one reason the media doesn't seem to care for him:

ARAVOSIS: Well, wait. But I think this -- but I think the press is questioning it because they do know Romney.

Romney did a complete roundabout on gay rights. He -- I remember the '94 campaign. I worked on that campaign of Romney versus Kennedy. He was claiming he was better on gay rights than Ted Kennedy. Not today, he doesn't claim that.

Romney, this week, claimed he was for the auto bailout when he was against it two years ago. The media knows this is just --

KURTZ: So you're saying there's a policy basis --

ARAVOSIS: That there's a --

KURTZ: -- because he has changed his vision?

ARAVOSIS: There's a lack of genuineness in his track record, and you hear it from Republicans, too. The media is reflecting that.

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