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Known "hate group" contacting Burger King, Boost Mobile, Subway and Taco Bell - interesting to see if those companies do the bidding of a hate group

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A project of a known "hate group," the American Family Association, is asking Burger King, Boost Mobile, Subway and Taco Bell to stop advertising on GLEE because the show is just too positive about its portrayal of gay kids.  No need to link to the AFA's alert - these companies know the hate group is targeting them.

I'm not going to belabor the point: Burger King, Boost Mobile, Subway and Taco Bell can either side with one of the most popular shows on TV for one of their key demographics, kids, or they can side with a known, officially-designated "hate group."  I'm not the one calling the AFA a hate group.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that is at the forefront of tracking the Klan and white supremacists, lists AFA alongside those other groups.  Such a designation ought to give Burger King, Boost Mobile, Subway and Taco Bell serious pause.

At some point, you have to tell hostage takers - especially ones who are avowed bigots (and anti-semites too) on the wrong side of history - especially ones that are running officially-designated hate groups - to take a hike. Ford did that to this same hate group a number of years ago (when Joe and I led a successful campaign beating the AFA at their own game).  Ford simply told AFA to take a hike.  Burger King, Boost Mobile, Subway and Taco Bell should do the same.

PS Those companies need to read the background on AFA before deciding.  They're not just dealing with "Christian conservatives."  They're dealing with extremists whose homophobic and anti-Semitic words would shock Americans of every stripe.  These are not the kind of people you want your brand associated with.

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