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Lions and tigers and gays, oh my!

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For those who might argue that America is beyond its hatred of the gay, here's a friendly little letter to the editor to the Idaho Press-Tribune:

There are a number of forces working to destroy the America our founders gave us, including atheism, homosexuality, environmentalism and radical Islam.
Homosexual activists are making great progress in forcing acceptance of their behavior on the rest of us and removing our freedoms of speech, religion, assembly and the press.
He goes on, and on.

His point is one the religious right has been making for years (and it was used against blacks too, I'm sure, since racists used to allege that the Bible told us that slavery was okay.) You see, we are intolerant of the bigots' intolerance. And some day, if something isn't done, America just won't be hospitable anymore for bigots. Bigots won't feel comfortable saying bigoted things, using their religion to justify their bigotry, joining together with other bigots to oppress people because of their immutable characteristics, and they even won't feel comfortable espousing their bigotry in print, lest someone else exercise their rights of speech, religion, assembly and press to disagree with the bigot.

As always, conservatives are oh so interested in defending their constitutional rights, just not yours.

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