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Moscow Pride is banned again

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Old Soviet habits die hard.

The Moscow City Hall said this morning that the Moscow Gay Pride Rally scheduled for May 28 on Bolotnaya Square in front of the Office of the European Commission will be banned.

The motives given by the Ludmila Shvetsova, deputy mayor of Moscow, to ban the event is the impossibility to provide security and a high number of letters of protests received by the City Hall against this event.

Nikolai Alekseev, Moscow Pride Chief Organizer, said:

"The reasons to ban the Moscow Pride this year are exactly the same reasons used in the past years and for which the European Court of Human Rights judged against Russia for violating the European Convention on Human Rights"
The Moscow and Russian governments should be ashamed of themselves. They lost how many lives fighting the Nazis, and how many lives to Stalin and the rest, and they still - stil - don't understand the concept of human rights. Kind of makes you wonder what it takes to educate people if all that isn't enough.

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