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Maryland State Senator blasts Delegate Sam Arora as "someone not to be trusted"

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Just in case Maryland Delegate Sam Arora thinks he's put his treacherous behavior over the marriage law behind him, he hasn't. People won't forget what Arora did. In fact, yesterday, openly gay State Senator Richard Madeleno blasted Arora at a meeting to discuss the legislative session. It was pretty harsh coming from a fellow Democrat, but it was warranted:

While discussing the overall and individual performance of the Montgomery County delegation during the 90-day legislative session, staet Sen. Richard S. Madaleno Jr. singled out Del. Sam Arora for wavering on his previous support of the bill only days before a key committee vote.

"I think Sam Arora distinguished himself as someone not to be trusted, and I don't think he will have a long career in the House of Delegates," said Madaleno (D-Dist. 18) of Kensington, the Senate's only openly homosexual member.

The stinging remark raised eyebrows among the roughly 30 civic and business leaders at the meeting and was the most blunt public criticism of Arora (D-Dist. 19) of Silver Spring since he waffled on his support of the bill leading up to the close vote in the House Judiciary Committee.
Harsh public criticism of a legislative colleague from the same party is rare. But, if anyone deserves it, Sam Arora does.

Sam probably thought he was on a path to a great career in politics. But, he's already earned the rep of "someone not to be trusted." That's hard to overcome.

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