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UK Prime Minister Cameron supports banning same-sex kisses before 9pm

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Really? This is what the British Prime Minister thinks is something with which the government should concern itself? From the Advocate:

British prime minister David Cameron wants to restrict same-sex kisses on television to late-night adult viewing hours.

The Sun reports that Cameron, the Conservative leader who attended the royal wedding last week, supports a ban on same-sex kisses during the “pre-watershed” viewing hours before 9 p.m. An independent review may recommend the restriction.
With the crap that's on TV now, your concern is same-sex kissing? My guess is that you're a lot more likely to become desensitized to violence and find it more acceptable than you are to become gay from seeing a same-sex couple kiss.
And if this is about "family values," I think we should probably pull every soap opera or TV show that has ever had pre-marital sex or adultery.

At what point do we get over this crazy notion that two men or two women kissing is harming our kids, or some how less appropriate than a man and a woman? At best, the message sent by this is one of isolation--that you should stay in the closet because your love is something less. At worst, this type of bigotry is deadly because it empowers bullies and makes kids feel less than and helpless.

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