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Minnesota battle heats up -- and more on our great GOP military ally, Rep. Kriesel

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Chris Johnson from the Washington Blade has an overview upcoming marriage battle in Minnesota. It's going to be intense -- and ugly. The haters know this could be their last stand:

Supporters of LGBT rights are gearing up for yet another fight at the ballot against a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.

This time around, the theater for battle is Minnesota.

Donald McFarland, spokesperson for the new coalition known as Minnesotans United for All Families, said nearly 1,000 people have already signed up to work against the amendment on the campaign website within 48 hours of passage by the legislature.

"They are signing up by the hundreds to help us," McFarland said. "It's incredible actually. The outpouring of support to what happened Saturday night is as great as I have ever seen in my political career — and I've been doing this for 30 years."
Also, I hope everyone gets a chance to read this article from the Baltimore Sun. Joe posted the Rachel Maddow segment about all the different and great allies we have in Minnesota, but I certainly think Minnesota State Rep. John Kriesel should provide a moment of pause for the Republicans who think they are going to continue to score political points by opposing our civil rights. John Kriesel used to be a Republican stereotype against all the issues the GOP like to use to garner and energize the conservative voters.
That all changed with when he nearly died in combat and subsequently met the parents of Army Spc. Andrew Wilfahrt, who was killed in Afghanistan and happened to be gay.

Speaking out on Saturday against Minnesota's proposed gay marriage ban, Kriesel recalled his near-death experience.

"Everything changed," Kriesel said. "I went to Iraq. I was in an incident. I nearly died. I remember laying there, looking down and seeing my legs mangled and pretty much guaranteeing I was done. I thought that was where my life was going to end."
I guess having a near death experience while fighting for one's country in Iraq has a way of putting one's life and divisive, wedge social issues in perspective. I salute heroic Representative Kriesel for standing up to his Republican caucus and doing the right thing. He is right when he says he won't have to explain to his grandchildren why he was on the wrong side of history. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Republicans that will have plenty of explaining to do. Here is a true American patriot, Representative John Kriesel's full speech on why it is wrong, unpatriotic even, to deny LGBT American citizens our civil rights:

It is true heroes like the heterosexual, Republican disabled army veteran, Representative John Kriesel, who is going to turn the tide in favor of our civil rights. He'll be a great ally for our side in the campaign. He is not afraid to speak the truth as to just how wrong and un-American it is to deny other Americans their civil rights based simply on their sexual orientation.

We need to honor those on the right side of history, and shame those who oppose the arc of the moral universe as it finally bend towards justice. And, we need to win in Minnesota next year.

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