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NYC getting dangerous again, especially in gay-land

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That's sad.  And rather idiotic of the cops to just give up.  That's the old New York, the one we all just   accepted as fun but crime-ridden.  (It's also the current DC.) Hopefully a little attention will get Mayor Bloomberg to act.

"In the past year or so, the street has become a very violent place and a haven for drug dealers, hustlers, thugs and thieves.

"This has only increased with the closing of the gay bar Chi-Chiz, which was located a few blocks west of us. The business owners, patrons and homeowners here are getting to the end of their ropes. We are appalled with the lack of response from the local police and their absence from the streets.

"Even when they are present, their lack of action is unbelievable. Recently, during one of my frequent visits to the precinct to plead for help, I was told that Christopher Street was 'dead'.

"On another visit, I was told if I wanted to do something, I should get the names of drug dealers and call them with the information.

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