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Delaware's Governor Jack Markell signed the civil unions bill at a "long-awaited party"

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Great news from Delaware, via The News Journal:

With the Rainbow Chorale of Delaware providing the grace notes and fluted glasses of champagne on hand for a long-awaited party, Gov. Jack Markell signed Delaware's civil unions bill into law before a jammed and cheering house at the Queen Theatre Wednesday evening.

"Tonight, we say to loving and committed couples across the state who want the law to endorse the promise that they made long ago in their hearts, 'Your love is equally valid and deserving, your family is now equal under the law,' " Markell told the crowd.

Effective Jan. 1, the law will provide legal protections and benefits for same-sex couples who solemnize their relationships. With the signing, Delaware becomes the eighth state to grant comprehensive same-sex relationship rights -- either through same-sex marriage laws, civil unions or domestic partnerships. The law does not change federal law, which restricts marriage benefits to opposite-sex couples.
And, check out the video. Winning is much more fun. And, DOMA still has to go.

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