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Everyone is rejecting Tracy Morgan's apology

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Well, so what do I know. I actually thought it was a pretty good apology, in the grand scheme of the usual bad apologies we get in such circumstances. But apparently I was wrong. People are pissed. And rightfully so.

In case you missed it, 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan has a new bit in his comedy routine. He likes to joke about killing his son if the son ever turns out gay. He also says being gay is a choice because "God doesn't make mistakes." He slams lesbians. And more. It's the kind of thing that you expect from the religious right. And, according to witnesses, this wasn't just a joke. He meant it. And the audience LOVED it. Because, after all, what isn't funny at a time when the news is reporting that LGBT teens are killing themselves practically every week, about mocking an anti-bullying program, mocking LGBT kids who have been bullied, and then suggesting that they be killed. A message like that from a top Hollywood star won't influence anyone to bash a f-g, now will it?

As for the apology. I agree with those who say he needs to make clear he's going to cut the gay bs from his comedy routine. And that he needs to make some penance. After all, Michael "Kramer" Richards, of Seinfeld fame, pretty much lost his stand up career after making a slew of racist comments during one of his routines back in 2006. And his quick apologies made no difference. His stand up career was over. So why the double standard, many are asking?

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