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A reader explains the problem with Tracy Morgan's apology

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From reader Elloreigh:

As apologies go, this one attempts to hit the right notes while avoiding being a non-apology. But I note the following:

No attempt to dispute the content of the reported remarks. That being the case, this apology is not sufficient given the depth of hatred, bordering on incitement, contained in those remarks.

He apologizes for his "choice of words". I'm left scratching my head, wondering what possible words could have made the ideas expressed funny, in any context. None come to mind.

Morgan states that he "went too far". This leads me to question why he went there at all.

So here's the message I'd like to get across to Tracy Morgan, and those who would emulate him:

The pain and suffering that so many gay men and lesbians have experienced at the hands of bullies and murderers is NOT a subject to be exploited for comedic purposes. We were not put on this earth for your entertainment. We will not be your punching bag, and we're not going to stand for being your punchline, either.

Sometimes saying that your sorry isn't enough. Sometimes even saying it and really meaning it is likewise insufficient.

Consider for a moment the case of Ken Mehlman - a gay man whose role in campaigns against legal marriage for same-sex couples has made it impossible for many in the LGBT communities to forgive him.

Tracy Morgan, in some ways what you've done may be even worse than Ken Mehlman's actions. You've advocated, through your "poor choice of words", the murder - MURDER - of a gay son. Granted, a hypothetical son, but it's exactly the kind of thing that contributes to an already hostile environment for persons of same-sex orientation; one in which real murders, beatings and other abuse happen far too often.

So don't think that you deserve to expect our forgiveness. You haven't begun to convince us of that.
And I'd note that Ken Mehlman has actually DONE something to make up for it. He's raised a ton of money, and lobbied Republicans directly, for marriage equality.

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