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In New York? Join the "Rally for Love and Marriage" tomorrow at the Capitol in Albany

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It's getting down to the final hours in the New York Legislature. The good news is they're not adjourning today. Today, NOM and the haters were at the State Capitol in Albany, spreading their homophobia. Tomorrow, our side is holding a rally at noon in front to the Capitol building. If you can get to Albany, please go. This is it. Our equality is on the line.

The event is posted on Facebook:

*Please join New Yorkers United for Marriage: Rally for Love and Marriage*

There are a number of issues still to be resolved in Albany, which means the Legislature will be staying beyond today's June 20th deadline.

We are heartened that there continues to be respectful and productive dialogue on the issue of marriage equality and believe we are getting close to a vote on the Governor's marriage bill.

New Yorkers United for Marriage asks you to join us at a Rally for Love and Marriage tomorrow --Tuesday June 21 -- at noon outside the Capitol in Albany. Together, we will make sure that all New Yorkers will soon be able to marry the person they love.
If you can be there, go. If you have family and friends in the Albany area, make them go. You'll help make history.

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