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Obama still "evolving" and won’t support marriage at LGBT fundraiser on Thursday

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Some Q and A at the White House today from Chris Johnson with an assist from Chris Geidner. Hat tip, Igor Volsky for getting the vid:

How long will this evolution take, for Christ sakes? Obama is already behind the curve of public opinion, particularly with Democrats and those young voters he intends to motivate in 2012.

On Thursday, there's a huge LGBT fundraiser for Obama in NYC. All the usual suspects are lining up to be seen and donate. Pam reported that Elizabeth Birch is organizing a "High Tea Party Express" from DC to NY. This is the crowd that really values access. I'd like to think that some of them will challenge the President on marriage. But, that won't happen.

We need to start an "Evolve Already" campaign. And, all those donors need to ask Obama to evolve. Seriously. It's for his own good.

Given that marriage equality should pass in NY within the next day or two, it's hard to see how the President avoids the issue -- unless all of the gay donors let him.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Greg Sargent weighs in at the Plum Line:

Obama first declared that his position on gay marriage is evolving back in October, when he told gay advocates that he is wrestling with the issue, and that “attitudes evolve, including mine.”

That was nearly eight months ago. While it’s undoubtedly true that the arc of history bends towards justice slowly, as Obama himself is fond of saying, they will naturally ask how much longer it will take until his position completes its evolution.

Obama is set to attend a gay-themed fundraiser later this week in New York, a state where gay marriage is close to becoming legal, and he is certain to be pressed to clarify where his position now stands. He will be expected to give a better answer than his current one.
Yep. Evolve already.

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