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In NYC tonight, "A Demonstration for Full Equality” asks Obama to: Evolve Already

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What timing. President Obama, who is famously evolving on marriage equality, will be in NYC tonight raising money from the LGBT community. Not sure how he can avoid discussing the NY marriage legislation, which should be a top concern for everyone attending that fundraiser.

Since the President doesn't yet support full equality, there's going to be "A Demonstration for Full Equality" tonight outside of that fundraiser sponsored by GetEQUAL and QueerRising. I'm hoping that everyone paying to see the President is going to demand that he "EVOLVE ALREADY," but knowing the A-listers in our community, I doubt that will happen. So, the message will be delivered outside. From the advisory:

The event, “A Demonstration for Full Equality”, was called by the organizations in order to give the LGBT community and their allies an opportunity to gather together in unity and equality as the closing of one of the hardest fought legislative sessions for LGBT equality in New York history.

“A Demonstration for Full Equality” will take place just outside of the perimeter of the largest LGBT fundraising event this election season with proceeds going to assist the re-election campaign of the “still-evolving on marriage equality candidate,” President Barack Obama.
Full details on Facebook. It's a 5:30 PM, outside of the Sheraton Hotel, 811 7th Ave on 53rd Street.

Here's AP's take on tonight's fundraiser:
On gay marriage, though, the president has disappointed gay supporters. He endorses civil unions but not marriages for gay and lesbian couples, although he's also said his views on the issue are evolving — as are the country's as a whole.

It doesn't appear, however, that the president's views will evolve fast enough for him to use Thursday night's campaign fundraiser as an opportunity to embrace gay marriage. White House officials say not to expect any new stance from Obama at the event, a star-studded gala with as many as 600 guests paying up to $35,800 each at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers.

Given the setting, though, the president will have little choice but to address the action by the New York Legislature in some way, and his words are certain to be carefully parsed, given the evolution and nuances of his stance. He'll be addressing a roomful of supporters described by the Democratic National Committee as "allies of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community" — his first fundraiser geared specifically toward the gay community.
Seriously, President Obama, evolve already.

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