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Paul Schindler hopeful on the NY marriage vote, "a referendum on my dignity as a citizen"

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So, today could be the day in New York (again.) I suspect this will be another roller coaster. But, start the day by reading this column by Paul Schindler at Gay City News. From my perspective, his coverage and analysis have been invaluable. Last night, I tweeted, "Hopeful about NY, but, wow, it really sucks having people debate our basic equality and have media talk like its just a political issue." Paul expresses similar sentiments far more eloquently:

After all, the Republicans could kill the bill outright simply by refusing to allow a floor vote. Apparently, the strong polling marriage equality enjoys statewide and the glare of so many TV lights have convinced them that denying us our vote is politically untenable.

Their dithering, it seems to me, is an acknowledgment they know they will lose. Otherwise, they would have grabbed their victory already.

So, it seems likely that a celebration will be in store for us –– in fact, it might have started already by the time these words are in the hands of readers. That moment of victory will offer us the chance to recognize the contributions of so many who have brought us to this point.

In the meanwhile, I have to reflect on an emotion I’ve experienced separate from anxiety and anticipation. Namely, irritation.

Part of that stems, no doubt, from my great disappointment in coming out with our Gay Pride issue with this battle so close to conclusion, but not quite there.

But the larger measure of my frustration comes from the unpalatable experience of sitting and waiting day in and day out while a nearly opaque political dance unfolds that is, in fact, a referendum on my dignity as a citizen. The fact that my equality –– which according to core American values is God-given or, in more secular terms, mine by right of birth, should be in the hands of elected officials who show such cavalier disregard for basic notions of fair play and equal treatment is a truth I will never be able to accommodate myself to.

As I write these words, I remain confident that our goal is within reach. But at moments on the journey, there are bittersweet reminders of the injustice that has defined far too much of our lives.

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