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Larry Kramer on HRC’s fierce advocacy

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Larry Kramer - author, playwright, public health advocate and LGBT activist - dropped by the blog last night to watch the video of HRC's Fred Sainz and me on MSNBC's Hardball.  Larry was less than pleased with HRC's performance (they defended Obama and suggested that it's okay if people don't think we deserve to be equal).  Here's what Larry wrote in response:

this hrc asshole makes me vomit. he is a disgrace to our people.. the whole hrc makes me vomit. they are a disgrace to our people. and what about Junior Reagan, speaking up at last. who'd a thunk it!

larry kramer
Larry was contacted directly to confirm that he did in fact write the comment, and he confirmed it:
yes, larry kramer wrote it. and means it. and doesnt mind for it to be flung far and wide, just as far and wide as hrc flings their shit!
He also added that I looked "spiffy."

Here's the video again:

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