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Minnesota’s DFL celebrates Pride: "Family is About Love"

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Something non-New York related. We're going to be focusing on the campaign to defeat the marriage amendment in Minnesota, which is on the ballot for November 2012. I met some of the key players while at Netroots Nation last week. And, we learned the Governor, Mark Dayton, is going to be a great ally. So, it was good to see the Minnesota DFL send out videos for pride this year. First, from the press release:

As Minnesota celebrates Pride month and the Twin Cities gears up for the Pride parade this weekend, the Minnesota DFL Party is highlighting stories of Minnesotans and what family and marriage mean to them in a series of online videos.

“Marriage is about creating a family, sharing a life together and being able to marry the person you love –that is no different for gay and lesbian couples than it is for straight couples,” said DFL Chair Ken Martin. “Families come together in many different forms to love, support and care for each other, and with these videos we’re highlighting the stories of Minnesotans and what family means to them. Because, in all its different forms, a family is about love.”

Throughout this week, the videos have laid out the stories of five different families and what love, marriage and being a family means to them.

There are several videos. Here's one:

Minnesota is going to be one of the next big battles and we're all going to need to help.

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