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Support for marriage hits new high in Quinnipiac’s latest NY poll

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That trendline keeps moving in the right direction. Via Quinnipiac:

Support for legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry is 58 - 36 percent, higher than ever while statistically unchanged from 56 - 38 percent April 14. Support is 72 - 23 percent among Democrats and 58 - 34 percent among independent voters, while Republicans are opposed 64 - 34 percent. There is little gender gap: men support same-sex marriage 58 - 37 percent, while women back it 59 - 34 percent.

"New Yorkers support same-sex marriage, but their top priorities are the property tax cap and ethics reform," said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.
I think it's fair to say that marriage is a top priority for many New Yorkers.

The New York legislature is expected to adjourn around June 20th. That's eighteen days from now.

Act on Principles has an updated Public Whip List here.

And, the breakdown from Quinnipiac. It's hard to see, so click for a larger image. What you'll note is that there's especially higs support from Union households. Yesterday, NY's labor leaders joined the campaign for marriage equality:

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