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With Illinois Civil Unions law in effect, Catholic Charities accelerates anti-gay vendetta

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Yesterday was a great day in Illinois. There was amazing coverage of the new civil unions law -- and the same-sex couples who took a step toward equality. It was an historic -- and happy -- day.

But, leave it to the Catholic Church to throw a wrench in the party. Last week, the homophobic leaders of the Catholic Church announced they are going to stop providing adoption services through Catholic Charities:

Catholic Charities of Rockford announced Thursday that the agency will halt its state-funded foster care and adoption services Wednesday — the day civil unions take effect in Illinois.

The decision is the first of what could become a domino effect of Catholic Charities leaving the foster care and adoption business to avoid liability if state law requires them to place children with parents in civil unions — either gay or straight.

In Rockford, the decision could displace about 350 foster children served by Catholic Charities and put 58 employees out of work.
Just have to wonder if Jesus would throw 350 kids under the bus and put 58 people out of work. But, that's the modern-day Catholic Church leadership at work. Must punish the gays, no matter what the collateral damage is.

Of course, they're acting like the victims here.

Alvin McEwen is having none of it:
When FRC and NOM paints this as an issue of discrimination against Christians, they omit one crucial detail - the Catholic Church is receiving taxpayer funds for its adoption programs. When it canceled the adoption program, the Roman Catholic diocese said goodbye to $7.5 million dollars in state contracts. In fact, Catholic Charities in Illinois receive $30 million in taxpayer money for its adoption program.

So this isn't a question of the supposed gay agenda, but rather an entity (the Catholic Church) using taxpayer money but not wanting to follow the laws which comes attached to that money.
Exactly. The Church doesn't get to make laws in this country -- and it has to follow them.

It still amazes me that any U.S. politician listens to anyone in Catholic leadership. Most Catholics regularly ignore their Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and Priests. (I grew up in a very Catholic family so know a thing or two about that institution.) In fact, a solid majority of Catholics support full marriage equality. What Catholic Charities is doing in Rockford is just further undermining the institution's already damaged credibility.

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