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Syrian blogger story was a hoax, peace activist lied to highlight Syrian human rights abuses

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Well, lying to make a difference only works, I suppose, if you're not caught.  But if you are caught, then you kind of set things back.  A lot.

Some American guy decided to pretend he was a lesbian Syrian blogger, for years, and let the media cover his story - hell, he seems to have intended it - in order to highlight human rights abuses in Syria.  Recently, "she" disappeared, and a "cousin" reported that she had been taken away by the secret police.  The media worldwide reported on it, and now we find out it's a hoax.

The guy first denied the blog was his.  Now he claims it is, and admits it's a hoax, but says the rest of the blog's info about human rights in Syria is still true.  Yeah right.

Thanks to this self-proclaimed "peace activist" every human rights story, worldwide, is now suspect.

This is the kind of sloppy thing that amateurs do.  It sets back the work of real bloggers, real journalists, and real activists.  And it's a huge propaganda coup for Syria, one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet.

I'm not opposed to black ops.  But if you're gonna do em, you better not screw up.

What an ass.

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