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Airman’s DADT discharge suspended as result of new policy

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Statements from the Pentagon are one thing.

Andrew Harmon has direct confirmation that the DADT discharge policy has finally changed -- from a servicemember facing discharge:

Airman 1st Class Justin Dailey said Friday that he had been served with discharge paperwork on June 9 after his sexual orientation came to the attention of his command. Dailey said he did not make a voluntary statement on his sexual orientation and was not seeking separation from the Armed Forces.

Stationed at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, Dailey said he was told on Thursday — one day after the ninth circuit’s order lifting the stay on U.S. district judge Virginia Phillips’s injunction against DADT — that his discharge proceedings had been suspended. “I had intended on fighting this tooth and nail,” Dailey said. “I’m happy I can proceed with my career and get back to work.”

Dailey’s account was confirmed by Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, which has represented the airman in collaboration with his military defense attorney. SLDN spokesman Zeke Stokes said that the military attorney had received notification via phone of Dailey’s discharge suspension but has not yet received specific written communication from defense officials.
Why the hell did Dailey even get discharge orders on June 9th?

As pointed out in the post below, not everyone got the news. Jim Pietrangelo tried to re-enlist today and couldn't -- because he's gay.

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