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Pentagon halts DADT, will accept gay recruits (for now)... or not

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UPDATE FROM JOHN: Jim Pietrangelo writes that he just tried AGAIN to enlist and they told him to go away because he's gay:

Not to beat a dead horse, but you should know that there is a disconnect between the Pentagon's late-breaking announcement that it will start accepting Gays into the Military and the reality on the ground. Fifteen minutes ago (4:45 p.m. EST), I called the Los Angeles Central Army Recruiting station back--one of the stations I had previously been rejected by because I am Gay--and they in no uncertain terms stated that they cannot enlist Gays and have received no change in policy from the Pentagon to do so.

Indeed, the recruiter astonishingly told me I couldn't even begin the application process because I am Gay, much less could I be actually accessed.
It sure does seem awfully hard for the Pentagon to have its orders heard by the troops. Lucky we're not in any wars.

Finally, a little action and clarity in response to the court order for the Pentagon to stop discharges and allow gay and lesbian troops to apply for the armed services.
The Pentagon has ordered a halt to all separations of gay troops under “don’t ask, don’t tell” and will begin accepting applications from prospective recruits who identify themselves as homosexuals.

The moratorium issued Friday came after a ruling Wednesday by a federal appeals court in California ordering the Defense Department to immediately stop enforcing the law. The court said the law is unconstitutional because it treats gay Americans differently under the law.

Meanwhile, defense officials will continue to prepare for the law’s formal repeal, which Congress approved in December. The law will be formally repealed 60 days after the defense secretary and chairman of the Joint Chiefs “certify” that it will not adversely impact military readiness.
Don't Republicans, and conservative Democrats, have more to worry about, as in jobs, versus spending all their time and energy trying to desperately fight gays in the military?

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